Roasted Vegetable Pearled Couscous with Edamame in Single Serve Ramekin
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Roasted Vegetable Israeli Couscous with Edamame

This savory baked vegetarian couscous is substantial enough to serve as a vegetarian main dish, but light enough to help you avoid a carb coma. Keep reading to learn how to make this carefully balanced mix of Israeli couscous, fresh vegetables and herbs, edamame, and the finishing touch — a magical crispy topping.

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving: 7 Tips to Please Both Meat Eaters and the Meatless

Every year, I get more and more questions about people that have vegetarians and vegans coming to dine with them at the holidays. I’ve been doing a vegetarian Thanksgiving for 22 years, and I’m happy to share my tips. It’s not as hard to feed a mixed diet crowd as it may seem. You don’t have to completely change your plan to make both the meaters and the vegetarians happy. This time of year is a little bit different because you may not cook for vegetarians full time, but a lot of times you’ll have somebody who may have a …

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Best Vegetarian Food in New Orleans (and Vegan)

New Orleans is known for its epic food, but when it comes to vegan and vegetarian options, navigating any city’s food options get a little trickier. Finding great vegetarian food in New Orleans takes a little bit of digging. When my brother moved to New Orleans nearly four years ago, I learned that much of the city’s rich history centers on meat-based options. Like many metros, you have to dig to find these options, but New Orleans does have a lot of great vegetarian and vegan food, and I’m here to save you some time. Plus I’m going to tell …

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Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs in the Slow Cooker

This vegetarian Swedish meatballs recipe is a far cry from how I used to eat. When I became a vegetarian, I was so opposed to fake meat products that I didn’t even try veggie burgers for a couple years. To this day, I still lean toward meat substitutes that DON’T taste like meat. This just mirrors the fact that I was never a huge meat fan. I don’t like the texture of meat, or the taste. I’ve received compliments for two decades, from friends, family and strangers alike. “That’s so admirable,” “wow that takes dedication,” etc … but for me, …

picture of vegetarian breakfast potatoes with adobe Greek yogurt on plate
Vegeterian Recipes

Rock Star Breakfast Potatoes

No joke, I had two separate people stop me at work just to tell me how amazing these breakfast potatoes smelled. I mean, I thought they were awesome. The real test, though, is when others back it up, because we’ve all got different preferences and tastes. These breakfast potatoes are so hearty, with an awesome blend of flavors, and you can really eat them at any meal. (You’ll probably hear me say this 100 times, but I’ve always thought the restriction of certain foods to certain meals is SILLY.) These breakfast potatoes do take a little bit of work, but …